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I get it: Montana would be tough to win even with Gov. Steve Bullock in the race. But he has zero shot at the presidential or VP nomination, & no other Dem could even make #MTsen competitive. Senate Dems need their best possible candidates in every race

If I were the next Democratic president, I'd also look much more favorably on Bullock for a cabinet/federal position if he did his party a favor by running in a tough Senate race & losing than running a hopeless presidential race & dropping out before Iowa

Sure, beating GOP Sen. Steve Daines in a state Trump won by 20% would be hard even for a great Democratic candidate like Steve Bullock. But Montana just re-elected its Democratic senator last year, & there's always a chance things could fall into place for a Dem upset win in 2020

It makes little difference which of the leading Democrats becomes president in 2020 if Dems don't also take control of the Senate. Every Democrat in America needs to realize this. A Democratic presidency with Mitch McConnell running the Senate would be a disaster for Democrats

A Republican Senate would almost certainly refuse to confirm any Dem's federal judges, & I'd wager they'd block many cabinet nominees, too. No progressive or even moderately-left legislation would get passed, & the 2022 midterms could still see a backlash against Democrats

It should go without saying that a Trump loss in 2020 even if Democrats fail to win the Senate would be better, at least in the short term, than a Trump re-election. But Democrats need to be prepared for just how screwed they'd be with the presidency but without a Senate majority

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