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Dunno, how do you tell a 10-year old girl that she has to carry to term the embryo of her rapist, who will be given partial custody of the baby by a 'pro-family' judge?

Maybe find some of that energy when taking away her massacre toy.

Nobody in the NRA cares about 10 year old girls, or any girls, or any people, at all.

They just want the massacres to continue, because massacres are, to the NRA, hugely successful viral marketing.

How do you tell a 10 yo girl her parents aren't coming back because some dingbat who watched a little too much Tucker Carlson and listened to a little too much Ben Shapiro decided they were the specific Muslims he specifically had to take care of?

Let's answer that question

How do you tell a 10 yo girl that, yes, she might get murdered in her classroom by literally anybody who decides they want to do that, because we are absolutely going to make it much easier for a Nazi to get a gun than we are going to make it for her to get insulin?

Answer that.

How do you tell a 10 yo girl that we're not going to do anything about catastrophic climate change but we ARE going to do something about her ability to control her own body?

Imagine all the things we're going to have to tell 10 yo girls, if we continue as we have.

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