Sahil Kapur @sahilkapur National political reporter for Bloomberg News | E-mail me tips at [email protected] Aug. 17, 2019 1 min read

New: Elizabeth Warren is now seen by Democrats as the second most “electable” 2020er, with 57% saying she’d probably beat Trump.

That’s up 14 points since June, per Economist/YouGov polling.

Joe Biden still leads with 65%, unchanged in recent months. 

Biden is still winning the electability argument, but some Democrats are starting to question that perception.

“I believe Joe Biden is more of a gamble than anyone in the political establishment is willing to say out loud,” says @RebeccaKKatz. 

“We can’t play with this. This is very, very serious,” says Henry Singleton of New York. “The rhetoric and what Donald Trump is doing — we got to get this man out of office. We can’t take a chance, and Joe Biden is our best chance.” 

Biden’s pollster: “Democrats want to win. They look at Joe Biden and think that he can beat Trump. They kind of know he’s the guy who can win important swing voters.” 

Democrats may be excited about structural change, but in the age of Trump plenty of them would be content with a return to normalcy. 

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