Julio Rosas @Julio_Rosas11 U.S. Marine, Meme Economist, and Senior Writer @Townhallcom. Previously @DCExaminer and @Mediaite. Required to say opinions are my own. Aug. 17, 2019 2 min read

Here in Portland for @dcexaminer to cover the "End Domestic Terrorism" rally and counter rally. Antifa is already out here.

Me irl:

A Portland officer hands a card to Antifa members, he wouldn't say what was on it.

An antifa member quickly stands between the officer and the person he was talking to.

Antifa pushes a guy out of the park, don't know why. As they push him out, antifa uses umbrellas to block reporters cameras.

At one point, the guy in the dog mask briefly turns his attention to me.

Things are getting tense as a man shouts antifa is not here to talk, but to fight.

Police are keeping the two sides separate.

Police push back antifa after they tried to cross the street.

I got surrounded by antifa and they shouted I had to leave. Police came in and took me aside to defuse the situation.

He came up to me again and people again surrounded me. He said I get hurt then that was on me. Police came back said I was provoking them by being there.

I'm across the road now and as much as I want to go back to the park, I can't risk being surrounded again since I'm by myself. I'll continue to monitor from afar.

A bunch of police just left despite there being large amounts of antifa still in the park.

And just so we're clear: I did not do or say anything to these people. They came up to me and started the confrontation.

Antifa pushing another person out of the park, calling him a Nazi.

A pepper ball is used by police as they make an arrest, the guy who was threatening me earlier.

Here's a quick story for now from @ellie_bufkin. I'll be filing a follow up piece on what happened today.  https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/watch-antifa-protesters-square-off-with-proud-boys-in-portland 

A bus that I believe was filled with proud boys was attacked by antifa, throwing objects and banging on it. Someone opened the door and a fight broke out.

When the buses left, antifa chased it down and broke windows. One antifa guy fell down.

Police intervene between a shouting match between antifa and an anti-antifa couple. Antifa shouts "Whose streets? Our streets!"

Antifa is now in the road as police tell them to get out of the street.  https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/watch-antifa-protesters-square-off-with-proud-boys-in-portland 

Some protesters are arrested. Don't know what for.

Police arrest another antifa member with an interesting shirt.

Reporters with the local station are on scene with security guards. (They're in the polos.)

Here's my report from Portland with some videos: Antifa continues to cause disturbances long after most Proud Boys leave rally

And I appreciate everyone who reached out to make sure I was ok. Things got a little sporty for a bit, but it won't scare me into not reporting on this type of stuff.

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