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Teddy has a forever home!!!!!

Thank you @saffron_511!!!

As many of you know, Teddy is deaf and I’ve just learned that @Saffron_511’s daughter is Deaf and the family looks forward to teaching Teddy sign language!

Please donate to @MorrisAnimal:  https://www.morrisanimalrefuge.org/donate 

2. @MorrisAnimal tells me that Teddy's new family found out about him through Twitter, so thanks to everyone who tweeted and retweeted!!!!

Please make a donation to and follow @MorrisAnimal who gave Teddy a home this entire time:  https://www.morrisanimalrefuge.org/donate 

3. Special thank you to our wonderful amazing @darth who retweeted the status of Teddy’s plight into my timeline!

I’ve been worried sick for three days and couldn’t bear the thought that Teddy wasn’t getting any visitors!

I am so relieved now!! 😭😭😭

4. This was meant to be. Teddy had to wait this whole time because he was meant to have the perfect family for his needs! And now he has a sibling who is Deaf who can teach him sign language!

Thank you again to @Saffron_511 for giving Teddy the most perfect forever home!

5. Wonder how Teddy is doing?! 🤔👀

6. FOLKS!!!! We have a Teddy update!

Teddy's new mom says that in just the last few hours the following has happened

1. Teddy jumped in the koi pond

2. He got a bath

3. He's getting along with his doggy sister and human siblings

4. She says he's a good boy and very squishy!

7. Alright, alright...I hear you all! I will try to convince Teddy's new family to setup a Teddy IG account!

No promises. Stay tuned!

8. After not getting any visitors at the shelter and feeling lonely, Teddy is now cozy in bed at his forever home.

It’s been a busy day!

9. Folks, Teddy is famous 😭😭😭


10. Exclusive: Teddy’s mom @Saffron_511 tells me that he is doing well! He’s already picking up some sign language! Not surprised, I knew he was a smarty pants!

Here’s a pic from today! After a rough few months, Teddy is kickin’ back, putting his paws up, and being a good boy

11. I wonder if Teddy sleeps in the bed or if he has his own cozy bed nearby 🤔


From his mom @Saffron_511:

“He's a giant floof monster with the softest fur/sweetest face. We're working on learning good habits & redirecting some less desirable ones. He's met some new family this weekend too. Here's a pic of his favorite way to lay down.”

13. Teddy Update!!!

Here’s Teddy with his new doggy sister, Saffron! They’re having a great time playing and they’re getting along beautifully!

Teddy has so many adventures ahead of him! 😭

As always, big thank you to Teddy’s mom @Saffron_511 for sending these pupdates!

14. Teddy Update!!!

Teddy has discovered that he’s a very handsome boy!

He’s also discovered that it’s fun to jump on tables! His human family is working on that!

Teddy’s mom @Saffron_511 tells me that Teddy is a good boy and they can’t imagine their lives without him!

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