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The Civil Human Rights Front has called for Sunday afternoon’s rally in Victoria Park to be “streamlined”. If the venue is full, the public should leave to Causeway Bay, and of Causeway Bay is full, to Wanchai, and so on.

#HongKong #antiELAB

Thousands have gathered under cloudy skies to participate in a static rally in Victoria Park, opposing alleged police misconduct, a suspended extradition bill as well as calling for democracy.

Photo: HKFP. #hongkong #antiELAB

Television images from the air show that Victoria Park is almost completely filled up as of 2pm, the official starting time of the rally.

Photo: NowTV screenshot. #hongkong #antiELAB #china  http://bit.ly/extraditionhk 

Some members of the public have received text messages from the police. The messages inform them of a large public event in Victoria Park, and ask them to watch the news and the police’s social media updates.

#hongkong #antiELAB

Crowds chant "fill up Victoria Park" as organisers call on people to occupy the approved rally space in order to force the police to provide an exit route, resulting in a de facto march.

Photo: HKFP. #hongkong #antiELAB  http://bit.ly/extraditionhk 

A Goddess of democracy statue has been clad with protester safety gear including a yellow construction helmet.

Protesters have donned construction helmets in recent months to protect themselves from tear gas, batons and various types of bullets.

Photo: HKFP. #hongkong

At 2:30pm, the Civil Human Rights Front announced that protesters have filled up all six concrete football pitches at Victoria Park.

Photo: HKFP. #hongkong #antiELAB

Despite the announcement it is now full, protesters continue to march towards Victoria Park from east in Tin Hau, and west in Causeway Bay and Wanchai, at 2:30pm.

Photo: InMedia. #hongkong #antiELAB

Scenes as Hong Kong protesters marched into Victoria Park early Sunday afternoon, before the rally began to overflow at 2:30pm.

Photo: May James/HKFP. #hongkong #antiELAB #China

The roads surrounding Victoria Park - including Causeway Bay’s Hennessy Road shopping thoroughfare - have been emptied of vehicles Sunday afternoon as protesters overfill Victoria Park.

Photo: HKFP. #hongkong #antiELAB  http://bit.ly/extraditionhk 

Crowds open their umbrellas as a wave of torrential rain hits Hong Kong Island shortly after 3pm.

Photo: HKFP. #hongkong #antiELAB

Some outside Victoria Park have retreated into shaded areas due to torrential rain, while its six football pitches are covered in a sea of umbrellas.

Rally organisers have walked out on Causeway Bay Road to allow those at the rally to depart and others to join.

Photo: InMedia.

With Victoria Park packed, thousands of protesters are marching through Causeway Bay in the direction of Wanchai. Whilst the static rally was approved by police, marching is prohibited.

Photo: HKFP. #hongkong #antiELAB

The MTR has begun crowd control measures at various stations near Victoria Park. A train taken by HKFP did not stop at Tin Hau and Fortress Hill stations.

Photo: HKFP. #hongkong #antiELAB #china  http://bit.ly/extraditionhk 

Marchers parted to allow for the passage of an ambulance, in scenes that have been a staple of the anti-extradition protests since June.

Photo: InMedia. #hongkong #antiELAB

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