Face reality, take action.🕊️ @ClimateBen Literature Teacher informing pupils of the scientific reality of the Ecological Catastrophe & urging them to act. See also @urgenceclimatiq & @ClimateHound Aug. 18, 2019 1 min read


1 billion people hungry today.
2 billion without water today.
3 billion hungry by 2025.
4 billion without water by 2025.
5 billion hungry by 2035.
6 billion without water by 2035.
7 billion dead by 2045.

This isn't possible, is it?

Decide for yourselves.


Scientists: only 1 billion people could survive on a 4C Earth:

Peer-reviewed science: warming could 'exceed 3.5–4C by 2050':

UK Met Office in 2009: 4C possible by 2050s. ⚠️ Emissions have accelerated since:

People in the Global South are dying right now. We need a new economy for climate justice & survival.

By 2035, temperatures look set for 2°C (or even 2.5C - 3°C) and an increasingly dire global food & water crisis.

Feedbacks (Arctic ice etc) have begun.

4 billion people live with water scarcity for 1 month of the year (and 3.3 billion for 3 months of the year). This will get worse in the next 5 years as temperatures rise sharply, unless a profound change of system occurs - this is now morally imperative.

Crop failures are already happening. By 2025, with temperatures at 1.5C, droughts will be longer & harder hitting, affecting global food security. Scientists saw this risk decades ago; state-corporate media, favouring business as usual, downplay the threat.

At least 1.8 billion are living under conditions of severe water scarcity for at least half a year.

No matter what happens in 2035 or 2045, humanity must transform political-economic systems in order to save billions from misery NOW.


1 billion are hungry today:

🔺804.2 million: undernourished.

🔺2 billion suffer from hidden hunger (and millions die):

For more on the risk of hitting 4C before 2050, here's that policy report that featured in the media recently:

This thread of 40 tweets (with further threads) has information on the staggering planetary cataclysm that many humans are yet to grasp.

Remember: Arctic ice loss alone will cause climate chaos within years.⚠️


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