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I strongly recommend we stop talking about The Civil War and start talking about The War to Preserve Slavery, which is what it was.

Use it in everyday conversation and print it in newspapers and textbooks.

The War to Preserve Slavery

or, if you want to get technical:

The War to Preserve and Expand Slavery

"The Civil War" was the nice anodyne name. It feels designed to salve the feelings of the losers.

The South calls it the War of Northern Aggression anyway—which shows you what polite lies do to stave off divisiveness.


The War to Preserve and Expand Slavery.

And those who fought their country? Slavers.

Just drop it in casually, like you would any clear and obvious truth.

"Lee was probably the most talented of the Slaver generals."

"We haven't been this divided as a nation since the War to Preserve Slavery."

and so on

Let's be done with all these pretty lies.

Let's tell it plain.

The War to Preserve Slavery

I don't see any reason to fly the Slaver flag over government buildings, or any cause to display it with pride.

I have no idea why we would want statues honoring leaders of the treasonous Slaver Rebellion dotting our public squares.

The truth has a way of making things obvious.

I endorse.

The Slaver's Rebellion.

To be clear: It is not ever "The War to End Slavery"

It wasn't that. The North wasn't fighting for enslaved people.

But the South started their revolt to preserve it.

It was "The War to Preserve Slavery." That was the reason there was a war.

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