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I got a mention in the latest Jimquisition again, and it's maybe something worth elaborating on. I find the "It's just another launcher" argument rings hollow, because it's asking the customer to trust that the service will still be live down the road... 

Everyone and their dog is getting their own launcher nowadays, and the customer isn't just being asked to install yet another service, they're being asked to take it on faith that their purchases will be safe in an environment of ever fracturing, disparate storefronts.

You're being asked to take it on faith that you'll still be entitled to anything you've purchased through that service if anything goes wrong, in a market that seems actively hostile to, and is constantly trying to erode consumer rights.

Oh, and I've been doing a thing where if I say something negative about the games industry, I recommend a neat indie game to balance it out, so...

I've really rather enjoyed Exodemon recently, good for all your retro FPS needs. 

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