David Rothkopf @djrothkopf Proud father of J & L, husband of C, CEO, TRG, host, Deep State Radio; next book-"Traitor: A History of American Betrayal from Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump." Aug. 19, 2019 1 min read

So, hear me out on this, what's going to be really interesting is the moment that the GOP realizes that Trump can't win in 2020 and that he is destroying their brand and their careers. And then they push for him not to run. And they offer him a deal.

Step down and we'll set it up so we pardon you before you go and so you probably won't end up in the slammer. And then he takes the deal. And then they run Nikki Haley or some one else who is vaguely palatable. And then the Dems are like, WTF?

We've been focused on the beating Trump at all costs thing and now there's no Trump and, oh crap, how do we recalibrate? Do we have the right candidate? Now, I'm not saying this is a sure thing. In fact, it is probably just the result of too much morning caffeine.

(Which I might add is all from green tea because I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. No philosophical or health reason for that. I just never got around to it and after a while it was kind of a distinction. Like my only one, so I've clung to it ever since.)

Anyway, my point--or points--are just the usual ones that I feel compelled to make. While Dems should pick one of the four or five candidates who seem likely to be able to beat Trump, there are other factors in play.

You know, like governing for eight years...being a good president...helping America grow and prosper, restoring our reputation, and, as @SenGillibrand says, giving the Oval Office a deep clean using lots of disinfectant.

Because not only is that the right thing to do but it is the only path to beating not only Trump but also Trumpism (fixing a divided America, helping those who feel the system no longer works for them)...& if crazy shit happens,it puts us in a better position to handle that, too.

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