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The fact that the grotesquely racist "Pocahontas" attack has become a political liability *for Warren* represents a failure of pretty much every US civil society institution.

I realize she screwed up with the DNA test, but the fact that it got that far at all is already a failure. A sane & health society would have responded to Trump's very first "Pocahontas" with overwhelming mockery & scorn. "Oh look America's racist uncle is ranting again."

We've set up this ridiculously asymmetrical playing field where Trump & Republicans can throw any shit they want at the wall -- any lie, any insult -- & the media will just gawk.

"Will this shit stick? News at 11."

"Mrs. Warren, how do you respond to the latest shit?"

The whole idea that *one ought not to lie* ... that one *ought not to hurl racist insults* ... just seems to have faded entirely from the scene. Republicans face no penalty, no risk.

They hurl shit; Dems try to refute it or clean it up. That's how we cover politics now.

I mean, HE'S USING "POCAHONTAS" TO MOCK NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE. There was a time, not that long ago, when everyone in US politics would have been shocked & repulsed by that. Now...it's just Warren's problem. When it stops working, Trump can move on to the next one. Ho hum.

From Republicans' POV, everything about the "Pocahontas" attack has been a triumph. What they learned from this episode is that US political media & culture reward dishonest racist attacks. And so that's what we'll get more of, relentlessly, for next year. </fin>

Just gonna add, before I mute this thread: the worst part of bad-faith RW attacks on Dems is that Dems will echo every one of them. My TL is full of red-rose people who oppose Warren in favor of Bernie enthusiastically spreading this BS.

This is of course exactly what happened to H. Clinton a million times. The RW would launch a bad-faith attack, just tenuously connected enough to a nugget of truth to require time to unpack, & Hillary's foes on the left would do the rest, bolstering & spreading it.

Of course the same red rose types are busy whining about media bias against Bernie, whining that Bernie's opponents echo bad-faith attacks on him ... I mean it's pretty rich. No one on the left has clean hands here; they all use RW bullshit opportunistically, to hurt one another.

It would be great if everyone, across the entire left, would realize that echoing bad-faith RW attacks -- even if it offers some narrow, short-term advantage over someone else on the left -- hurts the entire left eventually. The bullshit comes for everyone.

As it is, conservatives, Russians, another other assorted shitposters barely have to lift a finger to get the left in yet another circular firing squad. It's trivially easy, because the US left is divided into armed camps w/ no sense of solidarity. And how's that working out?

OK, I'll buy that there are a few people who genuinely, in good faith, don't know the facts on the Warren stuff. For you, please read this story:  https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2018/09/01/did-claiming-native-american-heritage-actually-help-elizabeth-warren-get-ahead-but-complicated/wUZZcrKKEOUv5Spnb7IO0K/story.html 

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