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1. Obama had a plan to reduce CO2 emissions from power plants: the Clean Power Plan. In June, Trump's EPA announced its replacement: the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) plan.

2. Last week, a coalition of 29 states & cities filed suit over it. And yesterday, new analysis of ACE was released by @rff, showing that even the pathetic emission reductions projected by the admin are likely overstated. In fact ACE is likely to *increase* emissions ...

3. ... of both CO2 & local pollutants like SO2 & NOx in almost 20 states. Yes, the pollution rule is likely to increase pollution. Specifically, it's likely to help coal plants run longer & thus pollute more. Pretty special.

4. Anyway, on the occasion of RFF's analysis, I have rewritten/updated my explainer on ACE, which traces its history, legal context, effects, & coming legal battles. Give it a read:  https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2019/8/19/20812243/trump-epa-climate-plan-ace-cpp-6-things 

5. And since most of you probably won't read that 4K word explainer, let me just re-emphasize one point:

The Trump administration is implementing a pollution rule that will *increase pollution & health impacts relative to just doing nothing*. Hard to believe, but true. </fin>

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