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1. Exclusive: @JulianCastro is announcing an ambitious and broad animal welfare policy plan today. He is the first candidate for president to release such a plan.

More details in my story.  http://bit.ly/2ZhV6oJ 

2. As part of his animal welfare plan, @JulianCastro says he wants to make animal cruelty a federal crime. Right now every state has laws against animal cruelty but outside of animal fighting/filming cruelty, there is no federal statute.


3. @JulianCastro also says he will sign into law a bill that bans animal testing of cosmetics. Currently several states ban the practice and 30 countries ban animal testing of cosmetics, but there is no federal law.  http://bit.ly/2ZhV6oJ 

4. @JulianCastro says he will support a federal ban on the private ownership of large cats like lions and tigers. Currently, thousands of large cats are in private hands across the country and the patchwork of state laws don't offer enough protections.  http://bit.ly/2ZhV6oJ 

5. @JulianCastro also says he wants to make all shelters "no kill" shelters across the country. To accomplish this he wants to, among other things, offer grants to underserved communities for spay/neutering and adoption education  http://bit.ly/2ZhV6oJ 

6. @JulianCastro also says he wants to make federal housing and federally funded homeless shelters pet friendly.  http://bit.ly/2ZhV6oJ 

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