David Rothkopf @djrothkopf Proud father of J & L, husband of C, CEO, TRG, host, Deep State Radio; next book-"Traitor: A History of American Betrayal from Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump." Aug. 19, 2019 1 min read

Finding new paths to employment and repetitional rehabilitation for men who have sexually abused or harassed women has seemed to become the top priority of what is starting to feel uncomfortably like a post-Me Too era. (Recently: Halperin, defenses of Domingo.)

It is yet another sign of how deep the hold of patriarchal culture is on our society & should be motivation for anyone who seeks a just society to redouble their efforts. Defending these guys or giving them a pass is nothing more than an invitation to the future abuse of women.

Publishers who publish their books (or consumers who buy them) or big institutions that defend, excuse or postpone dealing with wrong-doing, need to feel an economic price for their complicity. Because that is what their actions amount to. Complicity in enabling crimes to come.

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