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It's mind-blowing that part of the US public believes America is being "exploited" by the rest of the world, or that globalization is a plot against America...

The US has been the main architect of globalization, and has always been its primary beneficiary. And it still is.

Imagine European colonial powers circa 1900 complaining about being exploited by their colonies 🤔

"oh no, we've spent 70 years creating a world order where we're in charge, and we've become the richest country in the world as a result, we've been had!"

To clear up, given the replies I'm getting: the narrative I'm talking about isn't "globalization has had serious downsides for some people in the US" (of course it has). It's literally "globalization is a foreign plot in which the US, as a country, is being exploited"

And yes, it's a narrative that is being pushed by representatives of the very elite that benefitted most from globalization -- certain billionaire politicians and millionaire news anchors -- not by disgruntled coal miners.

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