Steve Bullock @GuitarMoog Immigrant, Musician, Sound Engineer, SNP, ex-negotiator for UK in EU, wirer of pedalboards, stringer of guitars. Supporter of @FinalSayForAll. @Rally4OurRights Aug. 20, 2019 1 min read

It's an abiding mystery to me that those that profess to care so much about sovereignty as a matter of deepest principle seem to be so deeply offended by Ireland and other EU member states exercising their own sovereign right to make decisions based on their own interests.

And that the very same pursuers-of-sovereignty-no-matter-what-the-consequences are just as determined to stop Scotland exercising it's sovereign right to do the same.

The same people are also happy to prostrate themselves embarrassingly before a superpower that places its own sovereignty and interests above all else and others as a matter of principle.

While, deliberately, or more probably inadvertently and carelessly, helping a semi-hostile superpower that has a foreign policy of zero consideration for the sovereignty of others to achieve its destructive aims.

Almost as if they don't value sovereignty at all unless it is their personal sovereignty over others.

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