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Or maybe the entire charade is a dry-run to Nabad iyo Nolol’s own heist of the general elections in 2021- in other words, such consistent squabbles and fights over the electoral process is designed to condition Somalis & IC to accept similar outcome in 2021 at the center.

Over the years, a glaring sign of optimism- despite the myriad challenges and discouraging trends- has been the entrenching of a political culture that creates a consensus driven electoral processes at the center and periphery. This is being challenged today at every turn.

Candidates (incumbents even) have conceded defeat by even a single vote. An electoral process which was free and fair, despite the obvious misrepresentation and corruption, was the primary reason why no incumbent has ever won re-elections in Somalia.

First at Hiirshabelle, then South-west state and then in Galmudug and Jubbaland, @TheVillaSomalia has intentionally complicated and poisoned political process. Observers have tended to focus on the obvious gains such as the triumphs of FGS’ preferred candidates.

It’s my considered opinion that FGS could care less about who prevails in these regional elections. By creating toxic political outcomes and poisoning processes with money and violence and downright riggings, the strategy, is to condition ppl to accept similar outcomes at center

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