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You are the party of death

How @vp and @realDonaldTrump and the @GOP are the party of death
Pregnant people are far more likely to die during pregnancy than abortion. Maternal mortality is
8.8 deaths per 100,000 live births vs 0.6 per 100,000 abortions.  2.

The @GOP has no plan to advocate for gun control.
Almost 40,000 people die every year from gun violence.
Do those lives not matter? Some of them are even pregnant! Maternal death is bad for fetal life.  3

The @GOP cared about fetal life they would advocate for medical care that helps women have healthy pregnancies. When I called a senator in Kansas to get permission for an abortion he didn't care. Being fake pro life is about votes  4

The @GOP lies about infanticide. They have made palliative care of dying babies, like mine, a joke. No one who cares about life does that.  5

So many programs could be implemented to prevent stillbirth! Health pregnancies help people have healthy fetuses and healthy babies. Where is the @GOP and @VP on those policies? If fetal lives mattered we would have free maternity care, mandatory vaccinations, no tobacco etc 6

What about the lives of everyone NOT a fetus?
Universal health care and free mandatory vaccinations would be a start. Ending poverty and racism. Making insulin (and other essential medications) free instead of using a shell game to palm it off on Canada, that would be good! 7

The @GOP and @VP care nothing about life. They are forced birthers who could care less about stillbirths, neonatal deaths, maternal death or any death as those can't be weaponized into votes and lies about abortion can.
@VP is pro death and is a monumental liar and hypocrite 8

Less access to affordable contraception will kill women.
And @VP is applauding that. 9

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