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I dunno, Sony managed to crash Marvel’s flagship superhero in 2 Andrew Garfield installments, while MCU turned a raccoon with a gun and a talking tree into superstars, so perhaps this isn’t the end of negotiations.

Maybe you’d have to be an 80s and 90s Marvel comics kid to understand how deeply uncool Iron Man, Cap, and the Avengers* were, and what amazing alchemy the movies wrought to make them massively popular characters. (*Hulk was always pretty cool and Thor had the epic Simonson run.)

In 2010 or whenever it was, when they announced they’d be building a 30 movie arc around Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye(!), Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor, I laughed, pretty hard—poor Marvel. They gave all their good characters away.

It’s astonishing that they pulled it off.

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