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The help people offer:

* intros
* meeting for coffee
* the answer I got from "I'm feeling lucky"

What I actually need:

* someone who already knows why that answer doesn't work for me, without five hours explaining
* uninterrupted time to think about it or work on it

I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I genuinely appreciate all of the many heartfelt offers of help, and the well wishes behind them.

...except for one very, very common type. Usually but not exclusively found in Homo Venture Capitalis, this "help" consists almost entirely

of offering to connect you with some other poor rando who ALSO does not know the answer to your question, thereby wasting both of your time.

These offers are generated by dumb pattern matching on key terms, without any underlying knowledge of the landscape,

and they come in waves. Fending them off can become a time consuming endeavor in itself. They are designed to:

a) demonstrate how cool and well connected the VC is,
b) make you feel like you owe the person

... and/or are simply heedless of the costs they impose on recipients.

If only problems could be solved just by racking up enough introductions.

💙 if only 💙

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