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It's just so evident that in the appearance of any opening of the Chinese market, the social platforms would be tripping over themselves to get into the door. Yet, this has a near-zero chance of happening.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-21/twitter-helps-china-push-agenda-abroad-despite-ban-in-mainland 

“If Trump is going to use Twitter to deliver his message to the Chinese government, then it makes perfect sense China should be using this medium to send signals back, but then we get into this coordinated state misinformation domain & it raises problematic questions” @SammSacks

Dragonfly seemed to be the most forward-looking gauge of the China opportunity. I personally believe Alphabet saw the tech divergence (as Schmidt described) to be a huge hurdle for the west — more than users, Alphabet needed access to the R&D and talent before China owned exports

It's that comment from Sacks that I believe should be the focus of western-grown platforms. Chinese influence is the ultimate testbed to 'improving conversational health' and instilling their values in their product. The horizontal, flat free-for-all feels simply unsustainable.

Chinese voices must be on Twitter. But, they should be framed as what they are — as a product of the Chinese atmosphere and environment. We need to broaden our understanding of misinformation, disinformation, and coordinated narratives & propaganda.

Liu Yifei is a dual-citizen, a naturalized American. Yet, her voice and her words do not stand in their own right. Her safety and survival in China is dependent on her willingness to back Beijing. She, as a tool, backed Disney into a corner. Disney joins a dozen corporations.

This is a new level of power and influence that we aren't ready for — that banning some Facebook Pages and clickfarm-leased identities cannot solve. Beneath the surface level coordination is a more deeply engrained mindset. And maybe the former was just the post-IRA distraction.

Scarier than leased amplification bots, and coordinated wumaos of the state, were the real people, and the real red walls, that captured our Instagram, and our beliefs.

This 👇

Disney still has not commented — and the Chinese machine knows they won't. This is a new era of influence.

"A representative for Disney and a publicist for Liu did not immediately respond to requests for comment."

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