Nikita S @singareddynm investor @rre ventures (seed, A, B) 👩🏾‍💻 interviewing women in vc @ 🤖 formerly data/ops @oscarhealth, @thingtesting 🇦🇺 aussie-born Aug. 21, 2019 1 min read

WSJ late to everything... I got my job at Oscar Health and RRE with a resume that was colorful, horizontal, rife with emojis, and included my Twitter avatar photo.

Don't sleep on creativity or belittle it. 

Imagine if you're someone in HR and all you ever get is a vertical resume with *too much text.* No one wants to read 200+ of those.

I reformatted my resume because I put myself in their shoes. I wanted to give talent teams a resume that piqued their attention, got them excited.

I'm definitely not a designer / I'm sure this could look better but this is ~ my resume ~

Deadass I sent this to Goldman Sachs and had an interview so...

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