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"When you set up a scarcity situation, you are always going to whip people into a frenzy to get whatever it is that’s hard to come by, whether it’s a dancing Elmo, a Beanie Baby, or a half-hour playing Minecraft", screen-time limits = authoritarian decree  http://project-based-homeschooling.com/camp-creek-blog/sliver-or-how-stop-fighting-about-screen-time 

Watching other parents fight with the kids over screen-time limits is heart breaking. The shame, the guilt, the imposing authoritarian decrees. It's hard to watch. Especially when it comes from people who pay lip service to child-led learning and play.

Nothing gave me greater determination and interest in pursuing video games than hearing adults scoff at them. And nothing sparked an adversarial, distrustful relationship faster either.

If you approach the favorite things your kids like to do with contempt, don't be surprised if grow to return the favor at large. You will have gained nothing but a poisoned relationship, a spoiled childhood, and it won't even work.

PARENTS: You shouldn't spend so long in front of those silly games!!

ALSO PARENTS: *Binges entire Netflix season in a weekend*, *Spends endless hours trapped in Instagram*

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