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One particularly puzzling and counterintuitive problem I've come across when gaming, is that sometimes I'll just drop a game that I was really enjoying, almost because of a sense of not wanting it to end. It's happened countless times to me before, and I'd never understood why...

But it was like a way of preserving the experience that I wasn't quite conscious of. I remember when Nioh came out, and I was more excited for that game than anything, oh my god! But I suddenly just dropped it pretty early on, and it took me ages to pick it back up again.

Same thing happened with NieR: Automata. Positively adoring that game, my time playing it was phenomenal through and through, but I got so far in and just... Stopped.

I mean to resume at some stage, but it can be daunting picking games back up again after so long. I feel lost.

It's a problem I've tried to be more conscious of lately, and try to force myself to stick with games when that urge to drop them rears its head. It's been somewhat successful and I've gotten better at finishing them, and it's generally been a much more fulfilling experience.

So I'm seriously rather proud of myself that I picked Shadow Tactics back up after not having touched it in a couple of years. I was streaming it tonight, and didn't do too bad at all, even if I was somewhat rusty. And that game was special to me because it was a gift from my GF.

She got it for me for Christmas in 2016, and if I seem to recall not playing it until Christmas day. I binged the absolute hell out of it, until I just... Stopped. I guess subconsciously I just wanted to savour the experience as long as I could, so I just inexplicably dropped it.

I think streaming has helped me a lot lately in this regard, especially that full play through of Prey. I don't know if I would've stuck with it otherwise, and I am so very glad I did play it to the end. I plan to do the same with The Evil Within 2 over Halloween.

I'm glad this thread has resonated with so many folks.

It's always nice to know you're not alone.

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