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Really interesting misinformation story playing out around the swell of social media slacktivism surrounding Brazil's (not new) fires 👇

The misattribution and reframing reminds me a lot of the on-the-ground confusion we saw during the February Pakistan-India conflict.

What we saw in Kashmir had roots in history, war, & culture. This, not so much. Slacktivism culture is a poignant manifestation of how identity is changing. A western majority now see themselves as global citizens — nationalistic info wars will shift.  https://qz.com/672396/people-are-now-more-likely-to-identify-as-global-citizens-than-national-citizens/ 

As the greatest force against & soon greatest suffer of climate change, this is important: "More than 80% list 'extremism and terrorism' and 'conflict and war' as their biggest fears. China was an exception; 82% were most concerned about climate change."  https://www.brookings.edu/blog/education-plus-development/2017/03/16/digital-natives-are-born-global-citizens/ 

Will be interesting to see how the youth climate change movements enter the influence arena. The way Zero Hour uses Twitter is a force to be reckoned w/ & I think it's representative of where this goes. There will be Earth-first propaganda. I'm ok w/ that.

Choose your own tree-hugging radicalization adventure

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