Joshua Wong 黃之鋒😷 @joshuawongcf Activist from Hong Kong. Secretary General of @demosisto. Email: [email protected] Donation: Aug. 22, 2019 2 min read

[If CarrieLam doesn’t even call the shots, what’s the point in dialogue with her? ]

1. Democratic cities may use ‘parley’ as a tactic to ease tensions & solve disagreements. But in undemocratic place like HK, & with troops & tanks amassing at our border - it’s a useless gesture.

2. The gov’t says “when things have quieted down, we’ll talk sincerely with the people” That’s why Beijing has detained a UK consulate staff and continues to turn a blind eye to savage attacks on protesters. They think: “quieted down” = silencing dissent.

3. To world leaders, friends in int’l media, Rather than looking forward to dialogue, pressure should instead be put on Chinese gov’t to promise it WON’T send in the tanks to quell the Hong Kong protests. 30 years ago, student leaders in Beijing also sat with officials for talks.

4. Thirty years ago, student leaders in Beijing also sat with officials for talks. That didn’t stop a bloodbath at Tiananmen Square. If that’s how “dialogue” with Chinese Gov turned out, is that still something we in HK should be looking forward to?

5. Closer to home: in Umbrella Movement 5 students sat down with Gov reps. Result: 4 were charged, 2 were jailed, including @nathanlawkc. Gov didn’t concede to any demands from protesters then. What China&HK Gov need to do, is answer whether or not they’ll accept HKers’ demands.

6. Beijing likes to say they exercise “overall jurisdiction” over HK. Then, would they please use their power to resolve the impasse by implementing free elections in the city NOW. The big five demands aren’t just dreamt up to protect HK’ers from future reprisal from authorities.

7. We urge Gov withdraw the extradition bill, the root of evil.
Also, stop labelling protest as “riot” & stop prosecute demonstrators, is to preserve the support for a genuine, democratic movement. Now is the time to set up an independent inquiry & implement universal suffrage.

8. Truth is, so long as HK remains under the thumb of totalitarian China, it’s inevitable that Beijing will punish our defiance. That’s why we take to the streets. To push the hands of the doomsday clock back a few minutes each time.

9. In view of the gross violation of human rights by police brutality in HK, & the infringement of autonomy as promised by the PRC government under Joint Declaration, the UN Security Council has a role.

10. UK & US should submit joint resolution to UN Security Council:
- Urge China to abide by the treaty obligations & promises made under Joint Declaration
- Condemn HK Police brutality which violated human rights
- Appoint special commission to investigate recent protest in HK.

11. The bill is just the thin crust of gunpowder on top of a massive ticking bomb. 2 million people, from all stratas of HK society, have spoken out. We need the world to support us. #FreedomHK

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