Steve Bullock @GuitarMoog Immigrant, Musician, Sound Engineer, SNP, ex-negotiator for UK in EU, wirer of pedalboards, stringer of guitars. Supporter of @FinalSayForAll. @Rally4OurRights Aug. 22, 2019 1 min read

Superb thread from one who understands what's going on here. A perfect antidote to the cries of "A concession! It's working" from those that don't.

This tweet is key.

Merkel's allusion to a solution to the backstop in the future relationship is to the idea of UK, or just NI, having a frictionless trading relationship with the EU.

That means the Single Market and Customs Union.

So this was not a concession. It was a reminder that it is within UK's gift to avoid both No Deal and the backstop ever being used if they want to.

We all know there's only one way to do that though, and UKGov doesn't want it.

Far from a concession, it was putting the ball back in the UK's court in an attempt to make it face the reality of the choices facing it.

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