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If you abolish the EC then a national election stops being about states entirely, and becomes about appealing to everybody equally, regardless of what state they're in.

And yet EC defenders still make these sorts of state-based arguments.

This bad EC defense also rests on the idea that states are monolithic blocks, which they clearly are not, but we think of them that way because of ... the EC!

Which apportions all of a state's votes in a monolithic block!

My state of Michigan went for Trump by a razor thin margin, and he got 100% of the electors.

Millions of votes, including mine, counted for nothing.

The same thing happened to Republicans in CA.

The EC is a tool designed to disenfrancise. That's literally what it does.

If you want to know why we have low voter engagement, maybe we look at the fact that most voters live in states where the result is likely known so they know their national vote won't play

Maybe start there

Republicans defend the EC because they want low engagement

AND since it allows for massive swings from tiny manipulations, it’s a key vulnerability, an obvious point of failure for fair and free elections.

If I was someone who wanted to destabilize fair and free elections, I’d really like the electoral college a lot.

There are no good reasons to have the electoral college. There are absolutely none. It’s a relic of a worse bygone era, designed to prop up slave states.

it’s got to go

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