Face reality, take action.🕊️ @ClimateBen Literature Teacher informing pupils of the scientific reality of the Ecological Catastrophe & urging them to act. See also @urgenceclimatiq & @ClimateHound Aug. 22, 2019 1 min read


1. We have to get rid of most cars.
2. We can't just keep mining.
3. We must produce food differently.
4. We have to change construction.
5. We must make clothes that last.
6. We can't travel by air in this way.
7. We must use less energy.
8. We must protect everybody.

We need to transform the global economy so that public transport and bicycles are virtually the only forms of travel (but still serving the elderly, sick and most vulnerable, of course).

It's a challenge, but it isn't impossible.


Profound changes are required, both practically and in our attitudes towards global justice. It's not just '100% renewable energy now!'.

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A total revolution of food systems is essential. Think agroecology, permaculture etc.

A thread:

Food and land use:

Construction disaster: emissions; resource depletion; habitat destruction; endless growth economics; wildlife wiped out.

'Negative effects on the environment are unequivocal and occurring around the world'

A just transition to real sustainability needed.

Every industry needs to be totally reassessed, including the clothing industry.

We need a set of systems which protect and benefit people working in all sectors in need of transformation.


Aviation is essentially a fossil fuel industry:

It 'guzzles an eye-watering 5m barrels of oil every day. Burning that fuel currently contributes around 2.5% to total carbon emissions, a proportion which could rise to 22% by 2050...'


The relatively wealthy of the global North are the minority which uses a disproportionate amount of energy. We need system change, and a total transformation of how we think about energy use.

See here for essential insights:👇

Billions of lives are in danger.

What can I say? We must find a way to prevent unprecedented mass deaths.

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