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🔺Emissions must peak and fall sharply by August 2019 to head off a horrific 2°C rise.

🔺Feedback loops seem totally beyond our control.

🔺Emissions are accelerating.

🔺Billions could be dead by 2050s at 4°C.

🔺Your government knows all this. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2009/sep/28/met-office-study-global-warming 

How soon is now?

⚠️ From Sept 2009: ⚠️

'a 4C rise could come by 2060 or 2070, depending on the feedbacks. Betts said: "It's important to stress it's not a doomsday scenario, we do have time to stop it happening if we cut greenhouse gas emissions soon."'

⚠️ From 2009 ⚠️:

❗"We've always talked about these very severe impacts only affecting future generations, but people alive today could live to see a 4°C rise."

❗"People will say it's an extreme scenario, and it is an extreme scenario, but it's also a plausible scenario."

⚠️ From 2009:

"In the 1990s, these scenarios all assumed political will or other phenomena would have brought about the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by this point. In fact, CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel burning and industrial processes have been accelerating"

And now?

Accelerating towards a death toll of billions:

Global fossil CO₂ emissions? A new record high of 37.1 billion tonnes.

CO₂ emissions likely to increase further in 2019.⚠️

Turning the corner on emissions remains nowhere in sight.

Back to the 2009 article:

🔺A poll of 200 climate experts for the Guardian a decade ago found that most of them expected a temperature rise of 3C-4C by 2099

I wonder how many of those experts would now expect a temperature rise of 3°C as early as 2029?👇

Knowing that 2C is certain, and 4C possible, only immediate, emergency, non-market slashing of emissions will do.That means shutting down fossil fuel industries & more whilst protecting workers.

Peer-reviewed science on the possibility of 4C by 2045 here:

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