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Hopkins confirms that (in her view) Trump's "Jews are disloyal" comment was intended set Jews against each other. ⤵️

About 70% of Jews vote Democratic. About 30% vote GOP. (numbers from:
 https://beta.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-frustrated-by-unpopularity-with-jews-thrusts-israel-into-his-culture-war/2019/08/21/81557d10-c428-11e9-b72f-b31dfaa77212_story.html  )

Here's what isn't a coincidence. . .

2/ . . . that 30% corresponds with Stenner's findings  https://www.karenstenner.com  that about 1/3 of people across cultures has what she calls an authoritarian disposition.

For more, see

Hopkins also assumes that Jews will all line up together. . .

3/ . . . in the manner of right wing authoritarians (That's what authoritarians do! They fall in line! They move in lockstep! They like uniforms and chants)

She assumes this because she has that disposition herself.

4/ It was a cynical move, and the kind of divisive politics we can expect moving forward.

Trump will continue targeting liberal groups to promote infighting.

Let's call it The Politics of Trouble Making.

Or just finding new ways to inflict pain⤵️


I think this is correct.
It's a global thing. They all learn from each other. Trump learns from Putin. I'm pretty sure Bolsonaro learns from Trump.

Trump's fairly steady 42% approval rating (as per 538 polling aggregate) also means he's pulling in non-authoritarians.

Hofstadter says all authoritarian uprisings are enabled by complicit conservatives, who think they will benefit. (Source in next tweet)

Hofstafter also says that when conservatives essentially make a devil's bargain by supporting the authoritarian, it's always a miscalculation. (Miscalculation in the sense that it doesn't end well for conservatives, either).

I have a summary of ⤵️here:

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