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Overheard at the next table in this coffee shop: "OK, the first problem I have with science is that the math is wrong. The numerical system is just wrong." I admit, I am intrigued.

Something about the Sumerians? And the variance of orbits? Also, apparently, we couldn't build the pyramid of Giza today, and there's "evidence of giants on this planet." So, take that, science.

"I'm not sure about this next part, because I'm still investigating, I've only seen two videos on it." (This is still regarding the evidence of giants on earth.) Swear I am not making this up.

Now we're getting into how aliens seeded the planet. (Evolution can't explain the emergence of animals with shells. "Everything was algae, and soft! Where did those things come from?") This is all confirmed by ancient Egyptian mythology.

The gryphon (lion with wings) was real, the result of ancient gene-splicing. We killed it, then wrote laws against gene-splicing. And now, in modern times, we're breaking those laws. The military is creating gene-spliced monsters. A few have escaped, but the media won't cover it.

Oh god now they're talking about politics. This is getting too close to home. ("The problem with politics is everyone has their own worldview." Wait what?)

"I'm tired, I should go."

"Don't say 'I am tired', that's an ontological declaration. Don't define yourself that way. You gotta be careful with language."

And with that, they left.

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