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I'm interested to learn more about what Google saw in Hong Kong. The Threat Analysis Group's framing sounds like there were coordinated attacks against Gmail. Is @Jigsaw watching HK? Any Project Shield deployments? Hoping for more transparency here.  https://blog.google/outreach-initiatives/public-policy/maintaining-integrity-our-platforms/ 

This is the Managing Director of Jigsaw, following Twitter's announcement. Jigsaw is often quiet. But, IIRC, @JSCarpenter11 has a China-watch background. I'm hoping to hear about their actions & insights so that the rest of the industry can be on alert 👀

What we saw w/ Facebook & Twitter was an evident emergence of backchannels post-2016. The announcements were coordinated; Twitter tipped off FB, and was likely tipped off themselves. All 3 major platforms claim to have alerted the FBI & Congress. Interesting industry developments

Something to follow in the industry's trajectory: we will see more robust, deeply-engrained backchannels as the legislature hits. Decentralized, small social is burgeoning, and as it appears: they won't have access to these tools or this network, nor will they have the manpower.

Here is some good context from @alexstamos that captures this industry need, focussing on the broader moderation of coded, harmful content. The successful anti-semitic attacks on Cameo's celebrity graph are a good example of that need.

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