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I've recently been exploring alternative nonpartisan New York congressional maps, & I'm curious what folks think of this NYC. #NY07 becomes more compact & majority-Latino. #NY10 becomes just 42%-31% white-Asian with many whites being Rs. #NY14 becomes 47%-28% white-Latino, though

#NY05, #NY08, & #NY09 all remain predominantly black districts, & #NY13 & #NY14 remain predominantly Latino with a large black minority. #NY06 becomes a 39-36 Asian plurality instead of a 40-37 white plurality. #NY16 also goes from a 42-30 white plurality to just 37-32 white

This is still a rough draft, but this #NY10 voted 62-37 Obama in 2008 & is safely Dem. I tried to combine Dem-leaning Asian/Latino voters with white Republicans/Hasidic Jewish voters instead of liberal whites so that a white liberal wouldn't be favored over an Asian-backed Dem

What do folks think of these New York nonpartisan congressional map alternatives?#NY13 becomes a district where black voters could likely elect their chosen candidates in exchange for making #NY14/#NY15 heavily Latino. The second map turns #NY10 into an Asian-opportunity district

cc:@BenJ_Rosenblatt @BobbyBigWheel @NickTagliaferro

All of my maps are based off the 2010 census for this decade unless noted, not 2020 population projections. NY is expected to lose 1-2 congressional seats in reapportionment, & upstate will likely lose a couple state Senate seats without the GOP gerrymander's malapportionment

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