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Ban guns.

Banning guns does not in any way involve going door to door to seize everyone’s guns.

The only people who think this is a part of it are Molon Labe gun nuts who quite obviously long for the day, and they’ve made it such a trope, we all believe it, too.

If your basement is flooded with water, the water in your basement is a problem to be addressed.

But the first and primary problem to address is the source of the water.

Just to state some obvious truths.

Ban guns.

If it is impossible, impractical, or dangerous to pump the water out of your basement for whatever reason, it is an option to let it sit there and eventually evaporate.

It will do damage. But not as much is if you hadn’t stopped the source of the water.

Ban guns.

Sweeping police reform is a related matter, involving 100% staff investigation for ties to supremacist group, and full demilitarization, to start.

I also think a heavily armed civilian population creates a (bad but persuasive) case for militarization.

If every single American couldn’t go and buy a massacre kit at Walmart it becomes a lot harder to explain why we’re fielding a squad of municipal stormtroopers in Ada Oklahoma, is my thinking.

Anyway, yes, full sweeping national police reform along with a national gun ban.

Molon labe

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