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(Thread) You're the Puppet

Donald Trump Jr. called CNN an "anti-Trump propaganda network" for hiring Andrew McCabe

“Fascists always deny what they are and ascribe their own features and their own totalitarian politics to their enemies.”

Quotation is from Prof. Finchelstein.

1/ Thus—according to the author of ⤵️—the “you’re the puppet” moment when Trump called HRC Putin’s puppet was a standard propaganda technique.

I’ve heard people call this (Trump and Pals calling people what they are) “projection.”

2/ But projection is when you unconsciously see your own bad qualities in someone else.  https://www.healthline.com/health/projection-psychology 

The fascist technique, on the other hand, is deliberate.

C’mon. Trump knew HRC wasn’t Putin’s puppet.
The very idea was ludicrous. She was disdainful of Putin.

3 What makes me so sure the Trumps deliberately uses fascist propaganda techniques?

Because Steve Bannon has been in Brazil coaching Bolsonaro (the Brazilian Trump) to do the same thing.

They're all buddies and study each others techniques.

4/ Bolsonaro flummuxes everyone by calling his liberal opponents “fascists.”  http://foreignpolicy.com/2018/10/05/bol 

Bolsonaro calls indigenous people “parasites.”
He calls refugees from Africa and the middle east “the scum of humanity.”

Seeing a pattern here?

5/ Exactly⤵️ Forgot to add my source for "Putin Hates Hillary":
It's here  https://politico.com/story/2016/07/clinton-putin-226153 

Understanding that these are deliberate techniques helps us keep our thinking clear.

The point is to rattle us. So don't be rattled.

6/ In any crisis, cool heads are better.

Here's my list again⤵️Being productive allows us to push back more effectively against what's happening.

It isn’t enough to squeak out a win for the Democrats.

2020 has to be a drubbing for the GOP.


yes, people are getting it.

I deliberately didn't dissect Trump Jr.'s lies.

Playing whack-a-lie is pointless. They can reel off lies much faster than anyone can refute them.

Bannon calls the technique of reeling off lies "flooding the zone. . ."


Jr.'s technique ("Andrew McCabe is the liar") inoculate the real liars.

It feeds the narratives that everyone lies.
Which means the Trumps aren't any worse than anyone else.

Pick your liar. We're all liars.

Very Putinesque.

You're welcome!
All the "likes" (and quote retweets) keep me going.

It's like gasoline for the engine.

Having spent my professional life writing books, I'm not used to immediate feedback from readers. It's great.

I do, however, miss the copy editors.

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