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We're not gleeful at the fact of his death, we're grieving the fact of his life. Please respect those of us with functioning consciences during this difficult time.

Koch dedicated his life to knowingly orchestrating the suffering and death of billions, perhaps even the demise of the human race, all because doing so profited him personally, as does Ben Shapiro, so take your desire for sober civility and break that tree root off in your shrimp

The world would be much better if Koch hadn't ever been in it; he lived lavishly as a result.

It's proper and fitting to rejoice at some relief from his ongoing malign presence in a world that has suffered from it for too long.

Poor Dave. He could buy everything but our tears.

David Koch’s wholesale purchase of our government, and what he did with it once he had it, is exactly what is killing millions of actual people in America and globally over the next century—does telling the truth about that hurt “actual dialogue?”

Framing David Koch as “a philanthropist” is like framing Emperor Nero as “a fiddle player.”

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