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The cost-benefit calculation isn’t that simple: China benefits from US intellectual property, US benefits from cheap Chinese labor + outsourcing environmental damage/pollution and negative public health impacts associated with manufacturing goods in China–goods that US consumes.

2. If we were to somehow bring all manufacturing that China does for US to US, do we have workers here willing to work in factories? Doubtful. Increasingly Americans want jobs that are intellectually challenging and which allows them more time to play around on social media.

3. And what would this shift of manufacturing do to US/CO2 emissions? Would states that are meeting Paris Accord goals still be able to comply? What would that mean for energy prices? Will they skyrocket because we now need to buy more oil, produce more coal to power factories?

4. Much of the manufacturing that China does for US companies is powered by burning coal and oil (which it obtains from Iran and Saudi Arabia) - the resulting pollution has forced Chinese authorities to shut down many coal plants in recent months.

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