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Twitter: cracking an egg over your frozen pizza before cooking it: yeah or nay?

Y'all it's not a new or a crazy idea!  https://www.livestrong.com/article/487568-put-eggs-pizza/ 

Lotta people on here seem to be in denial of one of the most basic culinary truths: any savory dish is improved by the addition of egg.

Like basically any sandwich. Hamburger? Cuban? Reuben? All improved by the addition of a fried egg.

Before & after. Unanticipated difficulty: the 10-12 minute cooking time for a Newman's Own thin crust pizza is insufficient to fully cook an egg. So it's *considerably* runnier than one might have liked.

I am eating it, undercooked egg and all, but yeah, I don't think I really effectively made my case today.

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