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Was having rough wk but @stryke303 who generously does post prod for my albums said new one told a cohesive story (the real challenge of every studio musician). As he's worked on 6 of my albums it's cool to hear that. He's mentored me since 2007 --my fear is I might let him down.

He believed in me when it was only us & maybe 4-5 other friends who had even heard one of my songs. But that was enough for me to keep going. In fact I'd still write even if it was just us 2 listening. Is more than enough to have validation from a pro at absolute top of the game.

If anything @stryke303 (Greg) taught me that's even more important than music is believing in people and respect for the mentor/mentee relationship. I told him at the start I wouldn't quit, and I haven't. Since then always remained open to do same for others when asked for help.

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