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Don't measure or compare your brand vs competitors.
Don't do same with yourself vs where other humans are / what they've achieved.
Both cases it invariably leads to FOMO, resentment, other unproductive states. You'll become reactive.
Compare against where *you* were yesterday.

Was reading someone in my feed who was commenting on changes big companies were making on advertising/what small startups should do from this. Nothing. No one should change strategy based on what P&G does (except clueless CMOs). Your own analytics are your guiding light.

Personally never compare yourself to others. Is such a bad path. I'm guilty of this and for years felt inadequate being in SV because I hadn't started a billion $ co, just helped others get there. It 'felt like' everyone else was doing this so I had to. Which isn't true at all.

Not everyone has to be a founder or employee #5 somewhere. Esp in the type of work a lot of us do or our personalities are aligned with. Advice I'd give younger self is just keep being better at your craft, work on projects and companies you believe in and you've already won.

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