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1/ The Fascist Johnny Appleseed ⤵️ Perfect.

I always thought of him as the Wrecking Ball of Democracy as in this article:  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/09/world/europe/horowitz-europe-populism.html?smid=tw-nytpolitics&smtyp=cur 
The point: after doing all he could to destroy the "American establishment," Bannon went to Europe to destroy theirs.

2/ Establishment = norms and institutions. Like the FBI, rule of law, the kind of compromise necessary for democracy to work.

People are surprised (and shocked) when, for example, the Trump-Fox-GOP trashes and tries to undermine the FBI.

This should not be a surprise . . .

3/ When David Koch was the Libertarian Party 1980 vice presidential candidate, he advocated abolishing (among other things) the FBI, CIA, and IRS.
Destroying and undermining the FBI has been part of the plan all along.

Why don't they like the FBI?

4/ The FBI hinders in their businesses. Literally.

MAGA means to take us back to when white men could do as they wanted, before those pesky regulations and agencies "spying" on Americans⤵️

Spying on Americans = making sure Americans don't break the law.

5/ But they don't think those laws should be there! They want to get rid of them!

This stuck with me. Trump said, "our laws are stupid and corrupt.”  https://expo.mlive.com/erry-2018/04/bab779dc196618/ten_highlights_from_donald_tru.html 
Trump and pals are breaking the laws they don't think should exist.

6/ And they want to undermine and dismantle the agencies that enforce those laws (and promulgate regulations to keep people from cheating).

Hence, a set of tried and true techniques for dismantling democracy.

These techniques are not hard. You don't have to be Eisnstein.

7/ Destroying is always easier than preserving or building.

I often quote Bannon saying this ⤵️

Trump is a master. He's a natural!

This is why he was Putin's choice: Put Trump in the White House and he will completely flood the zone.

8/ It even has a name in debating.

Gish Gallop: A rhetorical technique in which a dishonest speaker lists a string of falsehoods or misleading items so that their opponent will be unable to counter each one and still be able to make their own counterpoint.

9/ I never tried Gish Galloping, but I suspect doing it well isn't easy. It's certainly a job requirement for Trump WH spokesperson.

Yesterday’s thread, which started this discussion, if you missed it 👇

My point: These techniques are very effective.

10/ If you want to undermine democracy, you have to undermine it everywhere.

This is Putin's goal as well.
Putin wanted to join the EU, but couldn't because a requirement was Rule of Law. So Putin set out to destroy the EU (from @TimothyDSnyder .)

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