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No I have a functioning conscience because I can recognize a monster who has orchestrated the deaths of many human beings for his own enrichment. What you see as people cheering his death is simply the rest of us finally setting down the terrible burden of mourning his life.

Anger is a fitting and appropriate response to atrocity, and celebration is an appropriate and fitting response to the end of atrocity.

Some people make an atrocity of their lives.

David Koch chose his memorial a long time ago.

No I think he’s a monster because he knew full well how about climate change and he burned the planet for his own wealth.

Tell me again about your concern for children.

We’re not engaged in a disagreement about petty politics or some abstract difference of opinion. In the age of Trump we see the exact contours of the world the national spirit calling itself “conservative” wants to build, and it is a murder nightmare/billionaire playground.

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