Adam Singer @AdamSinger Grew @GoogleAnalytics into most popular analytics product globally. Prev advised: $SPLK $MKTO @Eloqua @PRSA @Cision. 🎶 composer. 🐕 @dashthedingo. Investor. Aug. 24, 2019 1 min read

These stories are adorbz about knowledge work. Spent almost a decade at Goog & even when left machine learning stuff not even 1% as competent as a tenured digital marketer or analyst. Biggest ad tools on planet useless w/o them. Even Google thinks so (they invest hugely in edu).

"Thought leaders" and media pontificators: "AI is taking all the jobs including knowledge worker jobs, fear the machines!"
Every b2b software company: most users don't even open the app every month & ignore our machine learning suggestions which would just make slightly more $.

Look if most sophisticated AI company on planet doesn't have silver bullet "AI runs everything" aspects of their knowledge worker software why do you think anyone else does. Google actually loves they enable an ecosystem of 1000s of agencies to thrive/market them. Symbiosis.

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