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Curious what happens when you fire up a web browser for the first time? Me too. I often do this for @brave to make sure things are staying neat and tidy.

Today I would like to do it for a few other web browsers. First, let's take a look at Opera.

Launching Opera (and leaving it in its default state for a few minutes) resulted in the following calls being made.

Calls to opera and operacdn made sense. But 19 calls to  was a surprise. Note also Amazon, FB, Walmart, Kayak, Ebay, Ali Express, and more.

Some of these are fairly heavy calls too; here's a subset ordered by their response size (descending). Overstock sets a dozen cookies. Amazon, Kayak, Ali Express, and more set me up with novel session IDs as well. Google is there too. Ready to monitor my movement across the Web.

On a fun note,  apparently knew that we'd inspect their headers 😉

Back to Yandex though. Opera not only pings them, but informs them that I am setting up a new profile with Opera (via the referer header and query string). This header also goes to Facebook, Google, and hotjar. All of these now know that I am a fresh Opera user.

A closer look reveals that Opera is sending extra bits too, including my native resolution, browser window size, and a lot more. Unfortunately, it isn't clear what the other bits are representing. One parameter is called "gdpr" with a value of 14. I wonder what that one is.

Another call is made to , and includes a unique user ID, as well as a distinct device and sender ID. Why is Opera sending this information to Google?

Just as a reminder, this is a fresh profile. No previous activity. And no activity taken beyond opening the browser up for the first time.

Ah, I forgot to mention the call to  over HTTP, which responds with a 301 redirect. AFAIK, that's an opportunity for trouble.

Compared to Opera, Vivaldi is very lightweight. Firing up a fresh profile in Vivaldi resulted in only 31 or so calls (most of which are to ).

This looks pretty standard. It downloads the SafeBrowsing database, some 835K extension, and a domain blacklist.

Unlike Opera, Vivaldi doesn't inform others that I am a fresh user (via the Referer header).

The extension they download appears to be for Chrome Cast. This, too, is expected for compat reasons. I'd say Vivaldi gets a clean bill of health based on this cursory glance. Nice job, @vivaldibrowser!

Note, again, that I am only reviewing the first-run experience. Not making any claims about how privacy/secure things are beyond that.

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