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It’s amazing how viable the simswap attack still is for high-profile clients. So many YouTubers got hacked this week. The carriers just aren’t learning or improving — and this is on top of the awful privacy breaches that come from selling triangulation and ping data to brokers.

Whether it's swattings, stalkings, or data dumps that result in these, customers could literally die. I don't understand how the carriers remain so incompetent, and just so out of touch. This should greatly outweigh the FTC's antitrust interest in Facebook  https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/8xwngb/t-mobile-put-my-life-in-danger-says-victim-of-black-market-location-data 

We saw YouTube go after a believed swatter for the first time this week, using a DMCA case that would result on more criminal findings. It just seems late, honestly.

We saw just how dangerous YouTube stalking cases can be. Google is an opportune position to protect some of these creators under Google Fi, and we just don't see that — and it's odd. Project Shield has made great strides to protect journalists and Search.

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