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They would rather lose then fight.

We need people who will fight against the fascist Republican Party for the lives of the human beings who live in this country and in the rest of the world, and if the DNC refuses to do it, then we need to fight them, too.

There are quite obviously those in Democratic leadership whose greatest fear isn’t losing in 2020 but winning with an unmistakable progressive agenda.

I’m sorry, but the Amazon is on fire, Greenland is melting, and you don’t get to say it’s a major concern but then also say you don’t want to discuss it.

There are candidates who want to discuss it, at length and in detail. There are quite a few. Let them.

Let the rest retire.

We are facing major existential problems, and for anyone who doesn’t want to even try to solve those problems, we already have a Creating Problems party. Go join them like you want to.

There’s a lot of work to do, there’s more of us than you, and you’re in our seats.

This is NOT a call to give up or give in to cynicism. This is a call to get behind people who’re solving problems, and scare the absolute piss out of those who aren’t

Call. Attend town halls. Reject their weak tea. Demand fighters. Make it clear their jobs are on the line

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