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The 2006 Lebanon 🇱🇧 War cost Israel 🇮🇱 $2.5 billion (~2% GDP), equal to what Israel receives each year in military aid grants from US 🇺🇸

6,000 homes, businesses were destroyed or damaged. Much of the region's fruit harvest rotted because farm workers spent the month in shelters.

2. Israel’s export-driven economy has been especially hard hit by the US-China (two of its biggest trading partners) trade war, with GDP growth plunging in Q2. Israel can’t afford to be dragged into another expensive conflict with the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

3. Ehud Olmert, who oversaw the 2006 Lebanon war, was the last Israeli prime minister to be supported by the center and left. His failure in Lebanon (and subsequent imprisonment over corruption) revived Benjamin Netanyahu’s political career and spurred his return to power.

4. Olmert’s approval rating slumped to 3% in May 2007, as people rallied in favor of him resigning. It soared to 35% after Israel launched Operation Orchard, an airstrike against a suspected nuclear reactor in Syria, allegedly being built with North Korean and Iranian assistance.

5. In many ways, the Hezbollah of 2019 is much more powerful than it was in 2006. Fresh off victories in Syria in support of Assad, Hezbollah today enjoys stronger support from Iran and Russia as well as a more well developed network of allied milita groups in the region.

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