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When Popeyes said "this quarter's adjusted EBITDA was $41 million, which is up 4.6% *organically* year-over-year" they were not talking about whether the food was free of artificial chemicals. 

"Popeyes hasn’t revealed this week’s sales figures yet, although given all the ‘Sold Out’ signs posted around the country, Popeyes’ president for the Americas, probably wasn’t exaggerating when he called it 'extraordinary.'" 

25iQuiz: Are the profit margins of Popeye's greater on the chicken items or the side dishes and drinks?

Bloomberg: "Meanwhile, KFC and Chick-fil-A are about to go to war over Chick-fil-A’s new side dish: mac and cheese." 

"Recession concerns won't impact sales of Popeyes' new $4.99 (pre-tax) Popeyes fried chicken sandwich: Restaurant Brands CEO" 

What are the COGS of making that Popeyes' sandwich?

What would the price of the same sandwich be in the Costco food court?

"if the $3.99 price I’ve seen online is right, then their sales price is just above what our food cost is for our chicken sandwich." . The previously cited Yahoo article said $4.99.

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