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Many people are commenting on this video and having a laugh at the delivery, the dodgy facts and the lack of production values, but it's really not funny - this kind of stuff is insidious. Here's why. /1

Of course, rhetorically it's absolute garbage. Of course the assertions are risible at best. Yes, it can be taken apart with relative ease.

Here's the thing - it's not meant to stand up to scrutiny. It's not meant to be held to account. It's a single-use talking point. /2

Nobody watches social video - clips between two to four minutes - with the expectation that they're going to be given a cogent response to an incredibly complex question.

In fact, most of the time we take on music via facebook, we're in a completely uncritical state. /3

Much of the heavy lifting with these videos isn't within the video content itself, it's the white bars at the top & bottom of the screen.

You're going to remember very little of the video itself 30 seconds after you watch - but you'll know the sisters 'tackled' the question. /4

A significant portion of the video itself talks about the close links between the United Kingdom & Ireland - unity and friendship are stressed, using cultural touchstones.

The physical appearance of the sisters and their accent is coded by the viewer - innocence, purity. /5

Then, a sudden break - repeated references to the 'deceit' & 'betrayal' of the EU (it's never explained clearly in what regard).

Significantly 'Globalist' is the name given to those behind said betrayal - a term with a specific antisemitic connotation within the Far Right. /6

It's the language of dehumanisation. Moreso, it's posing the EU as an insidious, overwhelming force threatening an undefended, smaller UK & NI.

It's another trick of fascists: to pose the situation as a military conflict - not one we asked for, but one for our survival. /7

It also looks like it was recorded in one of the sister's bedroom - in fact, it probably was.

That's the point. It's supposed to look like plucky underdogs having their say against the 'elites'.

It's exactly the kind of stuff you *want* to push, giving them a hand. /8

Never forget that these aren't 2 grassroot activists just having their say & hoping you'll spread the word.

They're the face of one of many thinktanks operated out of one London address, 55 Tufton Street.

A conduit for millions from the US libertarian right and evangelicals. /9

If these guys have millions to spend, then consider this: social video gets up to 12x more shares than text & images combined.

Imagine how many pairs of eyes these groups can attract with a tiny spend.

Eyes that won't immediately clock how they're being manipulated. /10

Follower @Lovespanner just said 'they're a stupid person's idea of what a smart person sounds like': That is the point!

We're *ALL* stupid in this context. Scrolling as a navigation mechanic is strongly linked to inattention.

We register the content, more than the message. /11

This isn't an attempt to show how much smarter we here on the Remain side are, & that we can see through *their lies*, or that it's a sinister conspiracy - it's a warning, that more than ever, it costs almost nothing to convince a lot of folks. /12

Why aren't we doing this? No, seriously? Why won't we do what they're doing? What's the point of holding the high ground, when they can continue to flood us with this stuff? Seriously! /FIN

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